Friday, February 25, 2011

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Some time ago I wrote that I wanted to understand how to develop my training ahead of the Tour de We combine Province (ULP) , a long and sustained commitment, new to me: over 1,000 km in 40 days consecutive, half of whom ran with bigiornaliere ( stages, statistics). May be limited to reduce the rate of stroke during the tour ULP than my current level, and this in itself will be enough to get to the bottom? It is good to go all the resistance? Make training slower than my habits? There may be a marathon in the run-up? Now missed two months at the start, a minimum time but I still sufficient to adjust the shot (taking into account that the race is still part of my life all year round).

Orlando Pizzolato (photo taken from
Since I have deep respect Orlando Pizzolato, and in the past I relied on him as a coach to improve myself, I just came naturally share with him my doubts. According to its organizational experiences have also quickly realized that such a project requires a lot of nervous energy to manage contacts and travel. So the specific load of the race will be added to the external load and the organization of life (as early as this!). Orlando
According to promote a physical adjustment need adequate preparation that emphasizes the good physical condition in order to support good miles run at every stage and encourage a proper muscle recovery. So I suggested to develop a cycle training where to get used to travel a reasonable number of miles both in the single session is supporting sessions close together.
For example, in the long weekend I could go up to 30km along hill tracks (fortunately there in my zone) adapting the pace to complete the distance. In the middle of the week but I could hold two long sessions close (15 km +15 km, but 20 +15 or 18 +18) so that the body gets used to short recovery time.
require a lot of miles to take care of aspects will also outline. So the advice is to enter a weekly session enhancement muscles of the legs to increase resistance to stress, and hold regular sessions of stretching .

To summarize we can say that will focus a lot on strength: both with regard to the mileage that the timing of recovery. My muscles are advised
:-) Well, I had both confirmed some ideas that my precious advice. Publicly thank Orlando for his advice that I have already started to follow.


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