Friday, March 18, 2011


Survey ULP in Monferrato

March 17, 2011: Throughout Italy will celebrate the 150th anniversary of the unification of Italy, what better time for an afternoon of ULP?
The rain the day before it is vented and the sirocco wind portends an opening and promise only partly fulfilled. A bit 'of rain can spoil the magnificent views along the valley slopes, not the desire to be together and do an inspection in view of the tour. The goal is twofold: to explore the logistics of a step "away" and test the cultural dimension of tourism in its declination food and wine.

This time we are four: Fiorenzo, runners and designer de We combine Province (ULP) , and three tapascioni Milan away. We group together in stages, and we reach the bottom or Monferrato Monferrato. Francis ponders "the time is not the best, but it can go ... Highway campaign ... ... hills ... Landscape holds, but no time: it's raining. Fiorenzo but runs the same? We arrive and he is already in suit! We reach the country of departure and it's raining. But he will not run ?!?".
A landslide blocked the route of stage 41 and so we come directly to Conzano . E 'in the late morning and there were few people around, just someone passing through. Let's take a tour of the country and soon discover that the main square, the hostess City Hall, Australia Square was renamed in honor of the many conzanesi emigrated to Australia, particularly in Queensland.

"But he will not run?!? Forget it: it is already in shorts and goes before us. ... and runs to great! ... and is happy. " Yet Francis, who runs the video with live commentary and Simone that is being done with the camera. From
Conzano few kilometers and climb down, and then still rising along the hills. The view is always a rough look! A brief stop at the town hall Camagna Monferrato, so we are in a beautiful square dominated by the Church Parish. The navigator calls us to go straight but ends up in a square staircase.

Behind front and find the route to Vignale Monferrato, where the sign the name of the country tells us that we are in the "land of dance." The reference is International Dance Festival held in summer. But the country offers much more, both from a historical point of view that food and wine.

and given the hours we devote ourselves to eat right, on a farm by segnalatoci the expert ULP of places where it is easy to get your legs under the table and then it's hard to turn them to run .
The pause is prolonged because the menu is rich and the desire to brush everything are all there: the landlord was surprised, perhaps we had measured from the belly too small ... We face a marathon digestive and so we decide to walk and visit Casale Monferrato where we welcome runners of exception.

The center is very vital and there is a lot of people, in contrast with the quiet hills. However, the chaos that sometimes there is all in Milan something else. The time between churches, castle along the Po (seems perfect for a run) and Krumiri (to take home because the stomach is still full).
Unfortunately there was no space for a second run but the day was positive and it is understood better how to handle the logistics. Less than a month away!

Frederick sent ULP

Thursday, March 17, 2011

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